Monday, January 28, 2008

I know i used to struggle. But if I am aware of what's happening, I am fine. So my advice? Always turn up to meetings and ensure you get there in plenty of time. The staff will be taking time out of their regular duties to see you so be sure you attend and not wasteeverybody?s time. When discussing problems, stick to specifics and don?t talk in general terms. For example, instead of saying something like ?This term looks like being a waste of time?, pinpoint where there is a problem. ?I feel such and such is not working for Stephen, can we alter it in some way so his needs are better met?? is much more effective. Offer to assist in the classroom from time to time or volunteer your services on field trips or school fetes. Actively involve yourself in the school community.

Every parent who is concerned with their child (ren)'s education should want to have as good a relationship with their kids' teachers as possible. If parents have good relations with school staff it is much easier to resolve problems and alleviate difficult situations should they arise. When parents and teachers trust each other and get along well, the every day ups and downs which all our children encounter from time to time, can be smoothed out with relative ease. This is especially true for parents of children with special needs, as much more home / school liaison is needed. So what can be done to make the educational wheels run more smoothly? Here are a few suggestions; Girlsgonewild is not for Kids so please look after your computers!

Many teachers welcome input from parents and are happy to hear suggestions from you, should you think of something to make his or her / your child?s / or both their lives easier in class. If you find out about a management strategy you think might work with your child, suggest a trial. If it works the teacher will be over the moon. Always be involved in the school as many teachers are more motivated to teach children whose parents have an active part in their child?s education. If you can get to a situation where the teacher calls you by your Christian name, Great! This means they are comfortable with you and trust you. Remember to give the teacher a grateful word of thanks if they do something special or put themselves out on your child?s behalf. Teachers are only human after all and they appreciate words of encouragement for a job well done just like the rest of us. Communicate by sending notes, speaking on the telephone about minor niggles or going into school for matters which need face to face resolution. Keep the lines of communication open at all times.